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to mitt romney. what is he like these days? >> in the last week or two he has found a focus for his campaign which he didn't have before. newt campaigning in iowa and new hampshire, he rambled and wandered. but for the last couple of weeks he's zeroed in on gas prices. it is the new new new newt, the gasoline newt, i guess with can -- we can call him. he's focused his campaign on that one issue. and because of that he's been able to give us some speech that's nearly identical, something he hasn't been able to do so fash -- far. and he's zeroing in on that one issue. it's like he can't help himself, sometimes he does go on the attack and he's done it a handful of times in the past week but it's not a consistent thing. we don't see the kind of attacks we saw in south carolina where he was going after romney. he's trying to focus on a singular issue. >> even then, he's run 30-minute spots now in some states. he actually bought 30-minute blocks of time where he sits in front of the camera. >> how many people sat through that? >> right. 30 minutes of newt looking at the camera explaining
involved and then followed by the person who can win. >> who do you think that? >> romney has the institutional support. i thought santorum would maintain his momentum. but this recent conversation about pornography, i don't know how long that's going to sustain him. it's not going to get me to vote for a person. there are a few bigger fish to fry and we need a candidate that is able to respond. we have the two-year anniversary of obamacare and the supreme court about to start arguments on individual mandate. this is what we should be talking about, if a republican is going to repeal this and replace it, that's what santorum and romney would be out talking about. >> we are talking about issues related to female voters. here's how you can answer questions. >> if you want to send an email or twitter, use one of those avenues as well. the release or the telegraphing of the paul ryan budget plan, is there anything that surprised you as far as the proposals? >> i'm not a tax expert and i haven't looked at the fine details, my understanding is that paul ryan is really putting out ad
chance of winning this race. the polls showed it to close to call. romney doing well in both states. you have the inside, they think it will be a split decision. >> we're hearing from a couple of people. it sounds like the alabama numbers -- there was an early wave that broke on drudge report. alabama is likely to go to santorum and romney is a close second. newt is not in for a good night. we will see if newt gingrich does not follow with a win. he put out to a very -- put out a very busy schedule. >> you are mentioning the website that dare not speak its name. the drudge report. the exit polls which often get leak don drudge and everyone who is a political journalist knows about capriotes that should come with those. they drive coverage in a big way. you can see it in the early coverage that the networks have. we watched you guys another -- the other day participating in the newscast. >> we appreciate it. >> the tone early in the evening was quite markedly different than the other. it is an interesting phenomenon. we're so starved for information early in the evening that we will build
live coverage. now mitt romney in an effort to secure delegates and wins in those two states. can we expect? guest: you can expect a pretty close finale here if you look at the polls. in alabama they had gingrich up with 21 points, romney with 20 and santorum at 17 on friday. actually we have seen polls in alabama over the past week in which all three of those candidates have had the lead at one point or another. romney looks like he is in a little better shape in mississippi. he had a seven-point lead in the last poll there. i am going to be interested in the impact of kansas because it is so class. the fact that santorum sort of ran away with it in the kansas caucuses. possibly if you are looking for any kind of a late-breaking thing, it could give him a little bit of a boost in those states. if there were any surprise this tuesday to look forward to, i think it might be another kind of santorum break-out like he had in tennessee or kansas. host: let's look at the results in kansas with rick santorum winning with about 15,000 votes in the caucuses over the weekend, 51%, to 21% for
coverage with appearances by mitt romney in rick santorum. both candidates are in illinois. mitt romney is at the university of chicago for remarks on the economy. live on c-span 2, rick santorum is in dixon, ill.. it is the second of four events for the former pennsylvania senator. there are 69 delegates up for grabs and the republican presidential primary. congress is back today. the senate returns at 2:00 for general speeches. of four-o'clock 30 they will resume of bill aiming at small and medium-size businesses. tomorrow the senate is expected to hold three bills to limit the debate on the bill and amendments involving investor protections of revising the import/export bank. the senate is live on c-span to. the house is back up for clock with legislative work. also, budget committee chairman paul ryan may release his budget plan this week. we may hear remarks on the floor throughout the week. what coverage of the house here on c-span. also this week, the house armed services committee will hold a hearing on recent elements in afghanistan. john allen, commander of the international s
romney for the republican presidential nominee. he becomes the 93rd member of congress to endorse mitt romney. congressman ryan is the author of the house republican budget that proposes to cut the federal spending and change the tax structure and revise medicare. if the house passed yesterday and wisconsin republicans spoke about the budget yesterday at a national drama form. here is a look -- >> it is not an insidious plan by one party over the other. it is just demographics and health inflation. both parties and it promises to people that the government cannot keep. the gao says it is about 100 trillion dollars -- $100 trillion. the sooner we acknowledge that, the better off we will be and the more we can convert these empty promises into real promises instead of broken promises. the two words you hear our balance and medicare as we know it. the medicare charge was the light of the year 2000. -- the lie of the year 2000. for people who are younger, 54 and below, convert to a system of support much like with the thomas and bro frisk commission. you get a list of guaranteed coverage
to say mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich all want to be "end medicare as we know it." you can see that speech live it 12:15 eastern. we're showing a discussion at the cato institute about the health care bill the president signed into law two years ago today. if the supreme court is hearing a challenge to blaw next week. the discussion is right now on our companion network c-span3. the supreme court is hearing arguments next week on the constitutionality of the health care law. the argument if scheduled for three days, monday through wednesday. even today the court is releasing audio recordings of those arguments. you can hear the oral argument as it is released each day at about 1:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span3. also on c-span radio and online at earlier today, president obama nominated dartmouth college president kim to head the world bank. he's a former director of hiv/aids at the world health organization and received his undergraduate degree from brown university fans as a medical degree from harvard. the president made the announcement in th
-class that is at stake in the selection. mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. our philosophy is one that values the workers and the success of a business. it values the middle-class for the success of our economy. simply stated, we are about promoting the private sector. they are about protecting the privileged sector. [applause] we are for a fair shot and a fair shake. they are about no rules, no risks, and no accountability. look, there is no clear example -- no clearer example of these two different views of the economy than how we reacted to the crisis of the automobile industry. it is sort of a cautionary tale of how they would run the government again and the economy again if given the chance. remember -- and you do remember -- and shelley, you captured it all -- remember what the headlines were saying when you woke up a couple of years ago. "it is bankruptcy time for gm." and other headliner "crunch times for chrysler." the government must act quickly to prevent the collapse of suppliers. for everyone of you , th
"/nbc news telephone pole. here is what it shows. romney leaves with 38%. santorum has 32%. the story says mitt romney has regained the lead, thanks to new support from conservatives. host: let's take a listen to comments that majority leader eric cantor made yesterday on "meet the press." [video clip] >> mitt romney has put forward a bold, pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future. a lot of the things he is talking about in his plan we're talking about in the house of representatives. that's why i look to super tuesday. [video clip] >> mitt romney has put forward a bold, pro-jobs plan for the future. a lot of the things he is talking about in his plan, we're working on in the house of representatives. that is why i look at super tuesday and mitt romney getting all the super delegates. i look to mitt romney winning all of virginia's delegates. i cast my vote already in virginia for mitt romney. i am here today to tell you that i am endorsing mitt romney in his candidacy for the president of the united states. host: that is majority leader cantor yesterday giving his endorsement of mitt romn
. if you look at governor romney's ratings when he left massachusetts, when you look at the size of senator santorum's defeat in pennsylvania, i worked in the georgette g.o.p. when there was no georgette gop. ike ran for congress in the middle of watergate. i took 16 years to create a national majority. i helped design the first capitol events in history. 1984 i designed a campaign that set a record, carried 49 states. in 1988 we were behind dukakis 19 points in may, and we designed a reagan-style campaign. -- george bush attacked the kind of massachusetts liberalism that to cut costs represented. we switched 25% of the country. in 1994 when nobody thought it possible we designed a contract campaign in which we went to the people on a positive basis, just as i've with this fall. i would offer paychecks credit and food stamps. i would offer the constitution. i would offer $2.50 gasoline. people want real choices. ok, now, this has been a hard race. when we jumped in in june, all the media said we were dead, and it is difficult to raise money when you are dead. we came back and by december we
of oil and gas for the world. thank you very much. god bless aipac. >> also speaking was mitt romney. he addressed the group via satellite. >> thank you to teddy and ed. i am sorry that might super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. i stand with you. i share your commitment to a strong and secure israel. ais year we're gathered at dangerous time for israel and for america. not since 1967 and 1973 as the middle east faced peril as it does today. the current administration has distanced itself from israel and warm to the palestinian cause. it has emboldened the palestinians. as president, i will treat our allies and friends like our friends and allies. we have heard words from the administration. the clear message is to warn israel to consider the cost of military action against iran. i do not believe we should be issuing public warnings. israel needs our support. israel's leaders will always be welcomed. the current prime minister is an old friend. we work together over 30 years ago. he is a man whose intellect encourage i admire. there will be no gap betwe
a slut and prostitute, that's sad and wrong. but when mitt romney, the republican party's frontrunner for president, is asked about it and all he can say is, quote, it's not the language i would have used, then it's a leadership crisis. i guess mitt romney would have said she was a lady of the night. what he should have said is rush limbaugh, you're dead wrong. stop it. it's time for all americans to say enough is enough. and it's time for anyone who wants to be a leader even republicans who are terrified of rush limbaugh to stand up for treating every woman with decency and respect. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from louisiana, mr. landry, for five minutes. mr. landry: ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. landry: thank you, mr. speaker. it is with great sadness that i rise today as louisiana mourns the loss of another member of the greatest generation. yesterday evening mr. lewis me show -- michaud jr. passed away. he passed away at the ripe old age of 89. as i visited with his son t
policy that makes all latinos look like suspects and all immigrants look like criminals. mitt romney has said that the arizona anti-immigrant law, a law that essentially demants racial profiling of anyone who looks like they might be undocumented, is a model for our nation. but that's not all mitt romney has said to american latinos. he has said that all 11 million immigrants, most of them latinos, should self-deport even if they've lived here since they were children and have american citizen children families. he's even gone as far, mitt romney, to attack the first latino supreme court justice. he believes that justice sotomayor is unqualified to serve on the supreme court. he's proud of the support of anti-immigrant extremists, including the author of arizona's anti-immigrant law. he's attacked the dream act, a perfectly reasonable bill, and mitt romney's hardly a lone voice. it's sad. one member of this house said he would be for any measure to stop illegal immigrants, quote, short of shooting them, making hanging them. gassing them? one other colleague called undocumented immigrants
-- at least on the republican candidates i'd. >> as an adviser to governor romney, i think he has done an excellent job. [laughter] now, in fact, he has laid out a comprehensive, by far the most comprehensive approach to foreign policy. perrylawn white paper, given a big speech on the subject -- very long white paper, given a big speech on the subject. as is the nature of most primary campaigns, it has not been the topic du jour. you do not get a chance to lay out your vision of foreign policy when you are debating contraception and all the other important topics they are debating. the better time to ask this question will be in the general election, because then i think there will be a discussion about american foreign policy. i think there has been room for criticism of the obama administration. i know that one of the major approaches of governor romney, for instance, is that for quite some time in various parts of the world, president obama has not been great with a number of our allies. he is now, by the way, scrambling to repair that image. is meeting with david cameron is intende
>> people are saying this is the romney-ryan budget. they are happy to run on this in november. is this going to be a detriment to mitt romney? >> we are going to give the country a choice. people deserve to be spoken to like adults. they deserve solutions. they deserve specifics. they deserve leaders who are going to tell them not platitudes, but what i am going to do to fix this country. we all of the country specific solution so they can select leaders who can implement those solutions that can save us from a debt crisis/ -- from a debt crisis. >> >> i have a deadline i have to hit. i will leave it to him. >> japan is supposed to raise its corporate tax rate this weekend. at >> right. >> the impact of that, obviously, but what to do to sort of help with that, the higher tax rate? >> the path to prosperity budget will bring down the corporate rate to 25%, which is essentially the median. it will do within a way that will help clear out but tax code, a lot of the special interest deductions, to a territorial system. it is pro-growth, and it will make us more competitive. i hav
revenues slightly. barack obama released a tax plan that does not lower rates. who is right, obama, romney, or democrats and republicans in the same room? >> this is washington, so i am right. [laughter] you have to recognize a couple of realities. we have had the income tax for almost 100 years, and you can count the reforms in less than one hand. we should not expect it. number 2, mr. romney and president obama are running for office. he should not listen to them. number three, it is true that tax reform is defined as raising revenue more efficiently, allowing growth more quickly, and right now i think the bulls- simpson commission -- the bow les-simpson commission reflects three things, we need to grow and we need a ruthless attention, and the oecd -- [unintelligible] number2, we were a lot about workers in the u.s. economy corporate income taxes. number three, we have a big debt problem, so you look at bowls since then -- bowles-simpson and pray that history gets this done. >> we will cover and not a ground and jump from issue to issue. the boomer generation will turn 65 in the next fe
, but it's not intended to be by them is really obama-romney care because the plan we had is what mitt romney did in massachusetts to make sure the burden was shared in an appropriate way. thank you, mitt romney. thank you, president obama. thank you, united states congress. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the lady from florida, ms. wilson, for five minutes. ms. wilson: thank you, mr. speaker. for the time. mr. speaker, i am tired of burying young black boys. i am tired of watching them suffer at the ends of those who fear them and despise them. i'm tired of comforting mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters and brothers after such unnecessary heinous crimes of violence. in florida, almost three years ago, as i served in the florida senate, a young black boy, martin anderson, was beaten to death at a florida boot camp. it was all on the state of florida corrections video. he was beaten and tortured until his lifeless body couldn't take any more, and then martin anderson was dead at the hands of several bo
romney's emigration advisor. so, when that came up we were talking to a reporter a politico and i figured we should just tell somebody because even though we did not make a point of naming this guy in the race, it kind of matters to he is now. we put a dot there and politico did an article about it. the guy had an opportunity to respond. this is the ad that ran in 2004. >> why are kansans turning from kobach? one even hired him. it's true. when hired him to file a frivolous lawsuits costing taxpayers thousands. kris kobach, wrong for mainstream kansans. >> i love seeing the tag line that the end. now when we do not see it, it bothers me. all bets are off with the super pac's. i would rather wrote of the questions that. -- i would rather open it up for questions. >> has there been candid if you have looked into and you have reported back saying the person is totally clean it? >> there have been two that we remember. everybody makes mistakes. the higher you go in elected office, the more opportunities you have and the more scrutiny will come under. it's not unusual that we find things on pe
ago, and in fact was put in place by governor romney who's going to be by all accounts the republican standard barrier. this is an example of congress at its worst. making up a problem, dealing with something that would help us do our job better, trying to deem onize it in a -- demonize it in a way you can virtually do with any other board or commission, ignoring the safeguards, ignoring the fact that the statute says specifically that it shall not ration, and instead they're willing to allow insurance companies to ration and ignore the need for reform. i strongly urge rejection of this misguided proposal. let's get back to work. let's do our job. it will never come in play if congress does its job and congress will always have the last say. thank you and i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from michigan, mr. camp, is recognized. mr. camp: thank you. thank you, madam chairman. i yield two minutes to the distinguished member of the ways and means committee, the gentlelady from kansas, ms. jenkins. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for two minutes. ms. jenkins: the president's
. this takes us through some of the things they want to see. mitt romney would cut the individual tax rates, bringing the top rate to 28%. santorum would propose creating two tax brackets. , a flat tax. newt gingrich would allow individuals to choose between falling the current system are paying an optional flat tax of 15%. the president would raise the top rate on households earning more than $250,000 a year. michele tweets -- guest: value added tax is a type of sales tax that anybody who's been to europe or canada is familiar with. it is different from our retail sales tax that we have at the state level here because it is collected in parts along the distribution and production process. so it is embedded in the price of goods rather than collected all at once at the end, at the retail level. this has proven to be a very effective way of raising revenue. i estimate we could raise about $50 billion per percentage point for the value added tax, and some european countries have raised 20%. there is $1 trillion per year of additional revenue that could be raised. i am not suggesting a $1 tril
to the romney campaign, but serves on secretary of state clinton's advisory board. >> there is a lot of continuity in a foreign policy, more than we expect, in on a broad consensus. what you are seeing here is a consensus that exists in the foreign policy community and overlap between the two parties. >> more for robert kagan and his latest, sunday at 8:00 on "q&a." >> bobby jindal is set to for thehis budget state, more than $9 million in the red. you are listening to shreveport 's news and weather station. >> this weekend, booktv and american history tv explore the culture of should -- of shreveport, louisiana. "one damn blunder from beginning to end." then, to look at the 2000 books of the john smith novell collection. then a tour with neil johnson. sunday at 5:00 p.m. eastern, from barksdale air force base, look at the base's role in 9/11 and the history of the b-52 bomber. and from the pioneer heritage center, medical treatment and medicine during the civil war. shreveport, louisiana, this weekend on c-span2 and 3. >> rick santorum delivered a full throated defense of religion i
birmingham news." decision t romney's lead could beat solidify or shaken in the contest to rack up as many delegates as possible for the gop nomination. scott, a republican. for more information go to our website. what you think about your state's voter i.d. laws? caller: it is discriminatory, but it should be. it is going to discriminate against people who are here illegally. people who should not be voting. anybody who believes illegal immigrants should be voting in our elections are just full of it. that seems to be the opinion of the ad -- of the obama administration. did you been able to vote on a provisional ballot without any idea whatsoever. -- if you have been able to vote on a provision about without any ide whatsoever. we'll see if any of the provisional ballots are good balance. 99% of the time they are not and will not count. the only people it is going to discriminate against other people who are not supposed to be voting. host: what about these tweaks that texas lawmakers wanted to make? the conservatives rejected another suggestion to help voters without an id card apply fo
have said you were crazy. >> robert kagan is not only an adviser to the romney campaign but on secretary clinton's advisory board. >> what i have been writing for years is there is a lot of continuity in american foreign policy, a lot of broad consensus and what you are seeing here is the kind of consensus that exists in the foreign policy community and there is a lot of overlap between the two parties. >> more on foreign policy and his latest "the world america made" sunday night at 8:00. prior to the senate's procedural vote on the blunt amendment, house minority leader nancy pelosi said republican efforts to repeal president obama's mandate is a sweeping overreach into women's health at her weekly legislative briefing said congress should focus on jobs instead. >> good morning, my heart goes out to the families in the midwest and extend our support. and i want to mention it has affected families in illinois and missouri and tennessee. thoughts and prayers are with those families. we are in budget season. hearings will be beginning soon and here we are, republican idea
these tough economic times. mitt romney told a nevada newspaper that he doesn't know what the purpose is of public lands. while in idaho presidential candidate rick santorum told a crowd that public lands in idaho should go back to the hands of the private sector. this theme is not new. in 2005 former chairman of the house committee on natural resources, proposed selling national parks to mining companies. today, as part of the ryan budget, it is proposing to sell off 3.3 million acres of public lands. most recently energy and commerce subcommittee chairman suggested selling off some of our national parks. we can't get through a meeting of the house committee on natural resources without someone from the majority suggesting that lands need to be transferred to the states or sold or fully developed for gas and oil. . my view and the view of most americans are completely different. as renowned documentary filmmaker ken burns put it, our national park system is america's best idea. our forests and desert lands represent what is best in america. a long-term view what we should protect and
. the ryan-romney republican budget ends medicare. aarp said the proposal lacks balance and jeopardizes the health and economic security of older americans. the budget we will consider this week fails to test the balance, fairness and shared responsibility. it showers the few americans that we are -- that are the very wealthy with an average tax cut of at least $150,000 while preserving giveaways to big oil companies and wall street c.e.o.'s. all these tax breaks would be paid for by ending medicare and cutting education, basic research and new sources of energy. obviously this budget rejects all of our american values. this is not the first time the other side has tried to end medicare. they tried it last year too. the american people rejected the ryan proposal then, and they will reject this latest attack on our middle class now. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentlelady from california rise? ms. chu: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection,
two in chicago. illinois has the primary on tuesday. romney is campaigning today in the state. he hosted a campaign event and travels to puerto rico for a rally tonight at the state capitol in san want. their primary is sunday. rick santorum is in missouri and he travels to illinois today. he was in missouri at osage beach. he will be in illinois for campaign event this afternoon at arlington heights high school. newt gingrich is taking the day off from campaigning. he has no event today and ron paul is also on the sidelines today. >> we are hearing that the supreme court has rejected requests from news organizations including c-span for live televised coverage of this month's historic arguments on president obama's health-care overhaul. they have agreed to release audio recordings of the proceedings on the same day. the court issued a statement saying there will be a quick release of the audio on each of the three days of the arguments because of the extraordinary public interest in the health- care case. we will have audio of the arguments from those proceedings said to take pla
.org at 6:15 p.m. eastern. republican candidates are on the campaign trail today. and it romney is in mississippi and alabama, and rick santorum is also heading to kansas. this evening, newt gingrich travels to alabama for a rally on the uss alabama. and ron paul is speaking at kansas state this evening at a tea party convention -- this afternoon, rather, holding a small tea party town hall rally at the university of kansas. for campaign update, check out live coverage coming up at 2:15 p.m. this afternoon, the justice department hosting a summit on consumer protection issues. the event starts with remarks by attorney-general eric holder and other senior officials. three panels will follow, focusing on the elderly, tax scams, and business opportunity scams. the obama administration designated this week as national consumer protection week. we will have it live here on c- span. next, and look at media coverage of economic issues during the 2012 presidential campaign. colorado christian university's centennial institute held a one- day conference in early
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